Universal Design for Learning

image from a UDL training page that shows the how of learning in the strategic network of the brain

Universal Design for Learning – UDL Online Module

During my tenure as the Director of the Florida Consortium, I developed an online module for Universal Design for Learning.  Specifically, this module provides a “user-friendly” resource for postsecondary faculty.

Universal Design for Learning for Postsecondary Education (UDL) is a free interactive online module.  It teaches UDL principles to college faculty.  As a result, Postsecondary educators learn the concepts, strategies, and benefits of UDL.

Throughout the process, I was lucky to work with a fantastic writer, Marianne Gorman.  The Florida Center for Interactive Media built the wonderful graphics, and our team created an easy to follow module that has been well-received.  As a result, the module is being used across the United States!  Although we developed this module specifically for  ALL students (i.e. universal), we added multiple suggestions and resources for students with disabilities.

Open the Link

First, open the Universal Design for Learning link, and then answer a few simple demographic questions to get in!  By the way, you will not need a password.  Every time you return, you will go to the exact spot you left off!  Each page is an active link.  Also, you can click on the site index links and reach any page you want! 

The module is divided into six sections

Course Overview

Introduction to UDL

Network-Based Goals



Assessing Students  

The module is color coded and easy to use, and as a result, it uses a UDL approach to teaching UDL concepts.  The picture shows an overview of some of the selected feature of the UDL module!  Feel free to explore this wonderful resource! Without a doubt, educators and students alike will benefit from the Universal Design for Learning module.