About Mickie Teaches

A student with a disability needs accurate insights and information that will teach parents and teens what to expect and how to avoid or correct problems.

multiple images in a collage setting of students with disabilities including two students in wheelchairs, blind student reading braille, nursing student, student resting his head on his books, three students on computers,  and two high school graduates with their moms. One Mickie Teaches red apple logo among the images.

Sometimes you don’t know

what you don’t know!!

cartoon with 3 stick figures. optemist says things happen for a reason, the pessimist says things are random and meaningless, and I sayswhat things, nobody told me about any things
author unknown

Does this sound familiar?

Do you know what THINGS to expect when you head to college and have a disability?

You can ask me anything about college and disabilities, and I will sort it out for you! Just drop me an email at mickieteaches@gmail.com

Sharing my background and experiences here…

Listen to College, Disabilities, and Success, Episode 1, and “Meet Mickie”

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Over 24 years educating and serving students with disabilities

by teaching and tutoring at-risk students and students with disabilities of all ages, from kindergarten to college.

Supported over 500 college students with disabilities

as a Learning Disability Specialist, Disability Services Coordinator, and the Director of the Florida Consortium for Students with Intellectual Disabilities.

11 years as a college faculty member

teaching Developmental Reading, Developmental Writing, Student Life Skills, Student Study Skills, and Foundation of Education.

Speaker and presenter at over 30 local, state, and national conferences

including organizing and planning 4 annual Hartwick Symposiums for parents, students, K-12 and college faculty and staff.