Successful Memory Tips

man in a library using a scanner, viewer to take an image of a page

10 Successful Memory Tips

Use successful memory tips for short term memory problems

Your chosen  successful memory tips are critical when committing something to your memory.  Some students have short term memory problems, and they lose the information shortly after they learn it. That is the “Here today, gone tomorrow” memory problem often seen in someone with a Learning Disability.

The man in the picture above is using a scanner to isolate text on a page, and take a picture of the information he needs to study. This will create a visual document that he can then edit and use as a tool to learn his material. This will help with his short term memory needs. Students like this man in the picture usually need study techniques for inputting information into their brain, such as the following these  memory strategies:

*oral or written repetition- whichever you prefer 

*creating two different word lists – with and without answers

*having a set of back-up notes 

*having copy of PowerPoints or a copy of a page of text to write on

*digitally recorded lessons that can be downloaded onto computers or phones and heard again


Successful memory tips for long-term memory problems

Some students have long-term memory problems. They can understand the information but have difficulty retrieving the information for tests. Those students need retrieval strategies such as the following techniques:

*highlighting small pieces of text to act as triggers

*different colored paper for certain topics and notes -keep topics or chapters separated

*writing text on your own whiteboard as a visual stimulus 

*studying ALOUD (to a friend, dog, or yourself)

*studying from word lists

Mixing and matching any of these strategies can be very effective