How to Talk to College Faculty

professor and student talking after class

How to Talk to College Faculty about Your Disability  

How to talk to college faculty about your disability is a personal decision.  Consequently, you do not need to identify your diagnosis.  How much you reveal about your disability is up to you.  Faculty is not told your diagnosis, but simply gets your accommodation memo. 
Health-related issues may affect your attendance.  As a result, attendance could become a complicated situation.  If so,  you should go over those details with the Disability Office.  Disability Services can offer their recommendations for talking to college faculty.  Likewise, they can join you at a meeting with your professor if you prefer. 

Sometimes the disability issues appear obvious.   I have had students who had obvious physical disabilities, but also had Learning Disabilities that were not evident. How much you reveal about your disability is something you need to come to terms with. I have known students who don’t care what anyone knows. On the other hand, I’ve  had others who do not want anyone to know they even have a disability.

My recommendation is to speak to the professionals at the Disability Office and discuss your concerns with them.   They can talk to a professor about your needs without revealing anything about your disability. If you feel that a professor is asking questions that you do not want to discuss, kindly reply that you would like to keep your disability private.  

Disability Services should keep your information confidential.  Additionally, your privacy is protected under the FERPA law -Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. If you have any concerns, talk to the Disability Advisor.  If that does not give you the satisfaction you want, talk to the Student Services dean.